Oxivius Soulstealer

"Adopted" Nightbrother Zabrak


An uneventful childhood as far as I can remember, everything was good. Friends, learning, training, excelling, becoming the best. From what I remember everything was good and then it happened. Something happened, I can’t recall what it was, then again there is a long period of time that I can’t recall. My training was gone, so many memories completely erased, that’s when I think it started. The frustration led to fear, fear leading to anger, anger leading to…to something else. A journey to Dathomir saw me “inducted” into the ranks of the Nightbrothers. For years I served the Nightsisters and as one of their slaves I completed the tasks assigned to me. At night I would hide in the shadows and observe their dark rituals. I would soon start to understand the construction of their rituals and through memorization was slowly building my strength in the dark side. A wayward attack on the Dathomir introduced chaos and panic, in the confusion I was swept up in a crowd and dragged onto a starship with no idea where I was headed.

Exhaustion overtook me and I collapsed in a dark corner of the ship only coming to as we dropped out of hyperspace. After some inquiry I found that we had come to the Veragi Sector. The crew explained there was a planet in the system that would make for a safe place to hide from the Nightsisters and whoever it was that attacked them on Dathomir. We landed in a thick jungle area. All around I could sense someone, something existing in the jungle, watching us.

We were there for what seemed like years, hiding in the jungle always under what appeared to be constant surveillance. The seclusion brought out those same old feelings, fear and anger, and with them new “friends”. The isolation of the jungle brought forth deep feelings of depression, the constant surveillance by whoever or whatever was in that jungle brought about an anxious feeling that I just couldn’t shake. It was a constant cycle, depression feeding the anxiety, anxiety enhancing the fear, fear feeding the anger…

When the emotions reach their peak, I’m gone. I slip into some a trance and suddenly the depression, the anxiety, the fear and the anger all consume me and when I finally return to normal there is normally nothing left. Total devastation, everywhere around me. It was on one of those nights, awaking from my rage filled trance that I heard it. Chaos and hysteria the likes of what I was accustomed to being the cause of. Peering through the treeline was a village, the inhabitants some kind cylindrical plant-like creature. From my travels I remembered references to creatures such as this, creatures said to have the ability to manipulate the Force. Then I saw someone else, a couple, hunting down these creatures exsanguinating them, leaving nothing but the crumbled husk of the creature. From there I watched in awe as the couple worked through the village leaving husk after husk, with each corpse the anxiety of being watched dissipated more and more. Then it was gone, they were gone, and all that remained was the couple and an obscene container full of the plant-creatures blood. My emotions stabilized as I watched and he began etching something into her naked skin with the blood from those creatures. As dawn approached the horrors of the night had had taken it’s toll on his mind and he was in need of release. The Twi’lek, seemingly reading my mind, took him in her arms and released him to the Force.

I could sense the darkness coursing through her at the conclusion of her masterpiece and could draw only one true conclusion. Together we would make this galaxy ours, the blood would flow, and the music would never stop…

Oxivius Soulstealer

Dance of Depravity Oxivius